Setting up email accounts for business for me is always on the top of the list for my clients. First, Yandex is free and easy to configure and last forever. We do not need to worry if we have a plan to change our web hosting provider or stop our hosting plan with them. Our free email accounts will be still running well.

Features from Yandex Website

  • 1,000 email accounts
  • A convenient interface for managing mail accounts (blocking mailboxes of dismissed and the creation of mailboxes for new employees, changing passwords, etc.)
  • You can use your organization’s logo in the Mail’s web interface.
  • Unlimited-size mailbox
  • Reliable anti-spam and virus system
  • Access to mail through the web interface (from any computer) and mail programs using POP3/IMAP protocols
  • Access to mail from mobile devices
  • A calendar for organizing your work day, scheduling meetings, and creating a to-do list
  • Convenient tools for working with messages in the web interface (previewing office documents, downloading all files as one archive, filters and labels for convenient sorting of correspondence, and much else).
  • Many other capabilities (default address, domain aliases).

I will show you how to do it in this tutorial,

Free email accounts_1

2. Click Log in to create a Yandex account

Once we click Connect domain, an instruction will show up to ask us to log in our account detail. If you do not have an account with Yandex which is fine, we can create one by click log in.

Free email accounts_2

3. Register account

One the bottom of the column we can find Registration to get a Yandex account.

Free email accounts_3

4. Enter Personal Information

Once we complete we can click the yellow button to the next step.

Free email accounts_4

5. Verify domain ownership

Yandex provides three ways for us to verify our domain. I prefer using the second one which is to add CNAME record on my DNS. *Note: Different domain supplier have different dashboards, please check with your supplier. Here are the guidelines for your reference: Godaddy, NameCheap.

Free email accounts_5
Add your specific subdomain and value showing on Yandex page and add them to your DNS control panel. After it
Free email accounts_6

6. Set up MX Records

Again we need to add MX records into our DNS.

Free email accounts_7
7. Create Free Email Accounts Finally we can create our free email accounts now. By default, we are allowed to create 1,000 email accounts and they are unlimited capacity.
Free email accounts_9


1. Add SPF record and DKIM signature

It is better to add SPF and DKIM into our DNS which can efficiently prevent our mail being blocked by firewalls or SPAM system so that our email can show up in INBOX, not JUNK folder. First, click the domain name that we just verified.

Free email accounts_10
Then, we will be direct to a page showing our all mailbox and we can see DNS editor shows up then just click it.
Free email accounts_11
Copy and paste these two separately into your DNS.
Free email accounts_12

2. Set up access to the mailbox login page for the address

Right now you can access your email by typing in URL. But there is another option for us to use our domain name to access Yandex email account. For example Again we can add a subdomain mail and value In DNS.

Free email accounts_13
Now we can simply use to access our webmail.
Free email accounts_14
All done! If you like this tutorial or have any questions please do not hesitate to leave your message below. And if you find this tutorial is useful please share with your friends and give me a like. Thank you.
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