We can search anything on Google no matter where we are and when to get related information for any reason. AMP project has been encouraging since 2016 to reduce the loading time specific on the mobile device. In this post, I will teach you how to do to have AMP integrated into your posts and the reason to gain SEO ranking.

Why can AMP increase SEO ranking?

Over 200 factors which will effect on website ranking. Loading speed is one of it, and for me, I think it is the most critical one. Think of if you are searching for something on the internet and want to get an instant result.

Anyway, AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is to use a restrict HTML language to get rid of full design and leave an essential function which can efficiently lessen page loading time. And people can even quickly see that your page support APM on the search page.

AMP Installation Guide

We can install and active AMP for WordPress plugin.

AMP for WordPress Plugin

And Go to AMP setting, by default AMP will be support for Posts. You can evaluate your website and tweak it anytime. Personally, I only choose Posts.

AMP Setting Page

And, you can see AMP option showing on right sidebar when you type new posts.

AMP option on Post page to boost SEO
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